Jul 30, 2007

The Three Burrials of Melquiades Estrada

Not bad at all for a big-screen directorial debut from the part of Tommy Lee Jones! Though I’m not a big expert in cowboy movies (I’m afraid the only similar titles that come to mind are The Quick and the Dead and Brokeback mountain – the last of which would be probably be excluded from the category by the connoisseurs –, and I haven’t seen the John Wayne essentials, not even Unforgiven; yes: guilty!), I absolutely enjoyed The Three Burrials of Melquiades Estrada. Liked how the characters talk little but say a lot, how Tommy Lee Jones plays the main character + generally how secondary characters create small yet very meaningful parts, such as Lou Ann sinking into the inescapable boredom of small town life, or the old blind man living in the middle of nowhere and listening to Spanish radio all day long without understanding anything, just because he likes the sound of the language.

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