Nov 28, 2010

“Fuck Sparta and the Spartans!”,

...shouts an enraged student in a Belgrade high-school after manifestly declaring his boredom during history class. The young and passionate professor, who was up to that point busy explaining Ancient Greece, remains speechless for a moment. Then in the next, he slaps the student. Everything is captured on a mobile phone camera by someone in class, sent to the media, and a far-fetched scandal breaks out. Prime-time television shows debate “school violence” in light of the events – the student is pitied as the victim of a ruthless professor. Of course everything gets overly dramatized, and the professor gets suspended. Out of job, he has to leave Belgrade and heads for somewhere near Banja Luka, Republika Srpska (which is the equivalent to the end of the world in this case), where he might get the chance to teach again. And this is where the story of Motel Nana begins.

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Anonymous said...

dupa titlu am crezut ca era un (anti)review la "the 300" :)