Mar 10, 2010


Take all the advertising you've ever been fed with. The logos, the slogans, the TV ads, the roadside signs and all the rest. Then mix it in with Batman's-killer-clown-meets-Ronald-McDonald, some second rate pulp fiction movie featuring donut-eating policemen and armed robberies, and a bit of James Bond. Plus the zoo from Madagascar. And a pinch of some apocalyptic movie featuring deadly earthquakes and floods. And there you have it: it's media mayhem! Pour a generous amount of dark humor + an even thicker bunch of layers identifiable in the palimpsest, and it's called Logorama (thx, cinesseur!):

While watching, this line by Nick Shay from Underworld came to mind: Consume or die. That's the mandate of our culture.

Or better yet: consume and die.

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