Aug 29, 2011

Another Day in Paradise

I wanted someone who was sexy, vivacious, sensual with that sweet voice of hers and everything else and had taken a turn around the hardest curve in a woman’s life, turning forty years old. (...)
You have this sex kitten playing a sex kitten passé. Yet she had to have the acting chops to go into real dark places. "You’re going to be lifting your skirt and sticking a needle in your groin on camera. You’re going to be doing some hard stuff here. You can’t say you’re going to do it and then get on the set and say,‘Well, I don’t know if I can do that. I’m a star.’ None of that.” And everything that was expected of her she did and she went right to the edge of the envelope every time. And I knew she’d do it because she’s a real actor.

(James Woods on casting Melanie Griffith in Another Day in Paradise)

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