Nov 23, 2009

An unwritten life

How can you tell what part of everyday life is authentic and what part is integrated into a scenario that has been previously written (some may think by God, I'd say by a Hollywood screenwriter)? We probably consume too much media to be able to give a definite answer. I think The Brothers Bloom is a pretty cool film because it is based on this question. And on the continuous interplay between what is real and what is fiction. Which is, again, all of what Baudrillard is about.

Also fun to watch are the scenes where the characters' eccentric outfits, endless sets of bizarre self-taught skills and the often cartoonish / surreal atmosphere reminds a bit of an episode of Wacky Races. Or perhaps The Royal Tenembaums.

So there you have it: Baudrillard and Wacky Races, what else do you need? :)

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