Jul 15, 2007

Gogol Bordello

I used to think the perfect recipe for a perfect feel-good morning was a huge mug of coffee and milk + one of the old Mano Negra albums. Or at least this worked wonders during my thesis writing days. Recently however, since I’ve started feeling more and more in touch with my Balkan/CEE roots, a new set of lively drums and guitars came into the picture. This time together with a wild violin and an equally vivacious accordion. What sets me into the right mood lately is Gogol Bordello, a band who takes the best of Gypsy music and combines it with the best of punk, and who – apparently – is responsible for some amazingly energetic live gigs. I’m planning to see that for myself on August 10, at Sziget Festival on Margit Island :)

So here’s a (rather low-key) sample.

As for some of their more famous tunes, you’ll probably enjoy them only if you’ve found yourself at least once in your life dancing rowdily on the sounds of The Clash. Otherwise, you might find this too radical :)

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