Jan 17, 2013

Foreign-language films are made all over the world. Of course, except in America.

Și tot apropo de Holy Motors, iată încă o mostră vie de delicioasă nebunie Caraxiană, rostită de regizor la decernarea premiilor Los Angeles Film Critics Association. Enjoy :)

”Hello, I’m Leos Carax, director of foreign-language films. I’ve been making foreign-language films my whole life. Foreign-language films are made all over the world, of course, except in America. In America, they only make non-foreign-language films. Foreign-language films are very hard to make, obviously, because you have to invent a foreign language instead of using the usual language. But the truth is, cinema is a foreign language, a language created for those who need to travel to the other side of life. Good night.”

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