Jan 21, 2008

I Am Legend

Unusual combination of a thrilling horror-featuring-some-weird-sort-of-zombies and a Will Smith-centered one man show, including monologues on loneliness and loss, plus some critique of the way we’re leading our consumerist lives, the way we don’t care about the environment and think we own Earth, and several other guilt-generating arguments used in recent times by liberal discourse. Everything set in the dystopic environment of the year 2019, when the world's population has been reduced to a few millions by an endemic virus (after a story imagined by Richard Matheson, for SF literature fans). For the largest part of I Am Legend, the only character on the screen is Will Smith. And a dog. And a woman with a kid, towards the end. I think making screenplays like this work must be quite difficult. And Smith does a pretty good job. It’s quite refreshing to see him outside the usual silly comedy roles. He’s almost as good as in Ali. Not quite as good as Tom Hanks in Cast Away, though.

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