Jun 10, 2007

A Driver for Vera (Voditel dlya Very)

The landscapes are great in this movie. (Which, I know, you couldn't tell from this kitschy poster). The camera moves really well and the whole setting - the sea, the cliffs, the small town, the mansion - is captured gorgeously. I've never been to Crimea, although it's not that far, but I'm definetly putting it on my list of places to visit after seeing this.

So, great landscapes...and that's about it. I'm afraid the rest was just a bit overdone. A bit too much far-fetched, telenovela type of drama for my taste. However, apparently it was pretty appreciated in Russia. And after all, it is an interesting insight into the Soviet atmosphere of the late 60s and offers a tiny taste of Hruschev's political schemes. But that hardly saves the poor script and the feeling of "seen-this-before-for-tens-of-times" that you get while watching.

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